Neonatal Transportation Kits

In 2014, Peru Child Health/Allin Wawa found that pregnant mothers or newborns who are sick get transferred from community clinics to the central hospital.  However, this critical trip can take a while, and the health care workers taking the pregnant mother or ill newborn don’t always have access to the appropriate supplies to bring with them for the journey. If the baby worsens during the trip, or if the pregnant mother delivers on the way to the hospital, the health workers trying to help save the mother and baby often have little or no supplies to save them.

Let’s change this!

Help us create and distribute transport kits for each clinic that will give the health care workers the tools they need to save lives.

How can you help? Your donation will go toward gathering materials for our first transport kits and training the health care workers in their use.  We will also be tracking the use of the transport kits.  We will work with the clinics and the Ministry of Health to measure the effect of this relatively simple tool. If successful, this can become the standard for all community clinics.Street in Cono Norte, Arequipa, Peru