Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP)

Peru Child Health/Allin Wawa collaborates with Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru [HOOP]  to incorporate a health curriculum for the children in their after school program in Flora Tristan, Arequipa.
Bigger Kids Practice Good Oral Hygiene HOOP/Allin Wawa Collaboration
Volunteers Jodi Barlett and Nerissa Nance started these health classes at HOOP’s school program in May of 2014.  They were specifically designed for each different age group with basic information and hands on practice with hand washing, teeth brushing and emphasizing the importance of clean water.
Practicing with Soap and Water  - HOOP/Allin Wawa Collaboration
Peru Child Health looks forward to future collaborations with HOOP, including helping to continue/expand the health class curriculum to other places as well, such as within other school in the Cono Norte region and beyond.